Thursday, December 30, 2010

Colored light

It would be nice to have colored light. For example, you could set the sunlight to something yellowish, and the sky light to a light blue.

Broville never looked sunnier.

Not only does this mean we can have green glowing radioactive ooze, and caves basking in the deep red glow of magma. The system already supports semi-transparent materials, so we can also have cathedrals with stained glass windows casting colorful light patterns onto the floor, trees with a greenish shadow,....

The downside... it costs yet more memory. It's using 74 KB per chunk at the moment, just for the light map. And there are hundreds of chunks in a scene. Once occlusion culling works properly, it will become difficult to predict just how taxing a given scene will be. I guess I'll have to dynamically change the view distance based on the current frame rate and the memory load.


  1. hi, are you still developing this? it's looking good, you mention that its a framework? will it be available?

  2. @maximo
    Hi! Yes, it is still under development. I've just returned from a long holiday, so I'll pick it up again somewhere next week.

    Indeed, it's a framework that will eventually be released as open source. Right now there are still too many wrinkles that need to be ironed out first.