Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And my axe!

Got the brilliantly named Assimp library working, so I can now import every 3D file format known to man. I'm not a big fan of the high poly-count models seen in some other blocky games, but this axe just happened to be one of the example files, so I grabbed that one for testing.

The standard renderer that comes with the library uses direct calls. The axe model has tens of thousands of triangles, so it's a miracle I'm still getting 30 FPS. So the next step would be to look for/create a proper VBO-based renderer, and get skeletal animations working (for mobs and players).

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More about voxel meshing

The 0FPS blog has a great article about meshing, that ties in nicely with my latest couple of posts here, and explains it better and in more depth than I ever could. Go check it out!

And after recording and posting that video about transparent surfaces, I've ran into cases where the sorting method does not produce the desired results. Back to the drawing board. :)