Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New test data

There has been a lot of activity recently around Cubic Chunks, a Minecraft mod that raises the height limit to 4096. Some of the old yMod maps have been dusted off and converted to this new format. Since it is based on McRegion, it isn't difficult to import in Hexa.

One of those maps is ModernCraft. I just wanted to show some screenshots, because it looks awesome.


  1. Even more awesome with shadows.

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  3. Goofed it on the link on my last comment lol.

    The next Broville is complete that has your offices we made in it.

    oldshoes.tumblr.com has the download link, it would be interesting to see what it looks like with all the progress you've been making!

  4. lol = idkwat
    if (lol > 1)

    We had a really good laugh here XD. Thanks guys!! Really awesome to have my own office in Broville.

    I'll convert the map and post some screenshots over at MCforum tomorrow.

  5. @Jake Okay, so the MCforum thread got gassed.

    I put up some screenies at http://nocte-hexahedra.tumblr.com/ instead, have a look.